Thinking about More Balanced Sourcing???

Before you make or continue to make that “balanced” off-shore or out-sourcing decision, let us help you with these questions????


Q1. Do you understand the benefits and hidden costs of going offshore or out-sourcing versus Local as well as the many sourcing and logistics issues and options that must be optimized for success?


 Q2. Is your sourcing journey balanced with a strategic advantage not just a panic reaction to your existing local cost base or market price pressure?

Q3. Have you balanced your local capability with that available offshore?


Q4. Have you correctly selected which products or services within your portfolio to offshore and how should they integrate with your internal or local capacity?


Q5. Have you fully assessed the risks to your customer delivery/quality and intellectual property?


Q6. Do you know where the political business world is heading and what changes are evolving?


Q7. What is the strategic opportunity to offer your products and services to this foreign market?


Q8. Have you selected the supply base you will use?


If you had trouble with the answers to ANY of these questions?? …then give NEXUS a call!!


Study the Balanced Source Brochure and call us.

Thinking about sourcing offshore.pdf
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