Business Productivity Improvement Profile

This is STEP1 in your QUEST for planning your waste elimination journey to achieve a LEAN business.


It is offered FREE to Organizations that qualify as being able to benefit based on the score from our Crusade Quiz…



You can access here. To start the Quiz.


After you complete the Quiz we will send you a quick scorecard and our suggestions on the next steps your organization might take on your Productivity Crusade and if the NEXUS Productivity Profile process would suit your needs.


Business Productivity Improvement Profile


The Business Productivity Improvement Profile will assist you review how close your business is moving toward a LEAN status bench-marked against industry standards of excellence and will also provide a roadmap for your Productivity Quest.


This profile can be done in one 4 hour session with your business team.


The Business Productivity Improvement Profile can include all applicable sub-systems within your business from first customer contact to delivery of products or services.


We can review all supplier/operational/distribution processes as they may exist, as well as any strategic new product or service development activities.


We need to understand your organizational functions and how they interact and review the operational processes


Understand current and future product/service introduction plans


Review how your quality performance is measured and reported


Ask some simple questions on cost and delivery performance


Ask how your existing plans and progress on improvements are proceeding.


We can then profile all areas of waste reduction opportunities and provide a benchmark against other similar industry processes…..


We have a proven profiling and bench-marking model based on other successful implementations at other clients and a data base established by SME for LEAN business activities.


We will discuss implementation options and how the specific needs of your organization should be supported.


The deliverables will be:

         A vision of the business improvement ratios possible 

           The baseline to entitlement calculations

           The benchmark for the industry and how you compare. 

A Savings projection 

The implementation roadmap 

List of issues/opportunities/strategies recommended 

Next steps.


All the information and conclusions gathered will remain your property and treated as privileged information.