The New Book.......                          Take Back Manufacturing

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This book is about the destruction of our manufacturing sectors in our western societies, with significant loss of national prosperity, and why the imperative for western economies must be to Take Back Manufacturing.

This book will explain how, with the correct political will and focus, Canada and North America can recover its manufacturing industries and achieve future prosperity.

        The globalized manufacturing approach, with its efficient supply chains supported by liberalized free-trade agreements, has been the business norm through the last four decades, and the prime reason for the hollowing out of the Western industrial base.

          But now we are predicting yet another significant sea change regarding national economic policies that will, for reasons that we will explain, move our Western economies toward localized trade blocs, and the return of our manufacturing base from the other countries from which we currently import manufactured product.

           We will explain why many products have been, or soon will be, returning to local manufacturing supply chains to support the consumer base within the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) trade pact.

            We will brief you on how nationalistic policies, sustainable supply chain concepts, LEAN business practices and INDUSTRY 4.0 technologies can combine to create future economic and business changes that will provide opportunities to revitalize our manufacturing sectors.