Our Client Base

Nigel as the Principal of NEXUS has supported a variety of clients by holding engineering and management positions or managing organizational change and improvement as a business leader, contract manager or consultant spanning the last 35 years.


Nigel has consulted and provided internal support to numerous firms in Canada, USA, Asia and EEC Countries, including: J.M. Schneider Inc, Procter and Gamble, Morton Metalcraft, Inter-City Products, FABCO, Thompson Pipe & Steel. ECCO, A 0 Smith, Ever-Ready Battery, Grote Industries, NBS, Royal Canadian Mint, BFL, Inland Steel, British Airways, BTR, Baxter, Ciba corning, Citibank, Royal Ford, GE MARCONI, NOMA, Tectrol, Tiercon, ACS, Imperial Rubber, GTD, VERTIGO, Canadian Pools, Telephoto and SXA, to name only a few.


His Client background includes Automotive, Aerospace, Avionics and High -tech Electronics, Communication satellite technology, Computers, communications electronics, consumer electronic products, metal fabrication, plastics, Printed Circuit board fabrication, power systems manufacturing. Electronics assembly, food and pharmaceuticals, consumer and commercial products and appliances as well as steel processing and mining and a variety of process and service industries.


He has transferred Knowledge and experience on all facets of Business management having managed Engineering and Manufacturing, Industrial Engineering, facilities, test engineering, quality engineering, cost estimating materials management and advanced manufacturing technologies


Broad experience of all forms of manufacturing fabrication and assembly processes, sheet metal, precision machining, plastics, composites, printed circuit fabrication and assembly, automated test techniques, robotics, JIT, ICAD/CAM/CAPP/MRP and custom semi- conductor fabrication as well as plant relocations and joint venture and technology transfer support.


Project management services for new product introductions and process/technology launches and product transfers in multi country locations has been provided to a number of clients.




Referral quotes ………………What Clients have said about NEXUS……………..

“Nigel just helps make change happen”…

“He understood our business and then used some neat tools to profile the opportunities”

“He took a lot of waste out of our business and made our lives better”

“He helped me build a new vision of how my business process should work”

“His ideas are motivating.. He turns us into the confident experts”

“The vision he built of where I can make more money allowed me to expand my business”

“It’s impossible to not see the opportunities after he has profiled our business process” …

“It’s first hard to accept we have worked hard not smart ….but of course now well worth it”