Successful New Product Introduction is an essential strategic requirement.


We offer Quick-Trac-NPI… An integrated computerized product with proven templates and procedures that will revolutionize your New Product Introduction process and integrate all your other business system platforms for strategic advantage.


An integrated yet expandable computerized system that provides a complete environment for launching and managing all your new products.


It is installed with an integrated Workshop package for the NPI teams to understand the leading edge NPI Techniques and tools such as 6 Sigma/DFM/Product teaming 


It can be scaled from 10 to more users with no upper limit


Can connect with your existing business system platforms such as MRP CAD/CAE financial costing systems etc


Integrates all of your existing and future project team collaboration tools such as emails/Skype/net meeting/conference telephones etc into one toolkit.


Provides secure yet flexible security


Supports local and remote team members and solves the virtual product development environmental issues.



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