Understanding LEAN THINKING and TIME-BASED strategies
…And learning how to apply them to your business
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These interactive workshops developed for all levels in the organization can be delivered in a variety of formats, duration and content.


An experiential simulation game can be customized to define the issues and levels of opportunity for improvement in the clients business, and allows the clients team to self assess the improvements and develop an understanding of the issues and how they can make the business improvements a reality. 


The training can be delivered standalone or as part of the NEXUS integrated process for change across the whole organization, and can be supported by Nexus facilitation or via train-the-trainer programs for your own coordinators. ·

Short Introduction to LEAN and Six Sigma
Introduction to LEAN and Six Sigma PDF .[...]
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SME MMTS LEAN-ing toward success PDF ver[...]
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TOPGUN..A Coordinator-for-Change Training Package
TOPGUN provides an intensive and experiential environment for coaching and training the internal change coordinator or agent for change.
TOPGUN PROGRAM 28 feb 2023.pdf
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Instalation of The Nexus Implementation Process. And the Lean Tool-kit for process improvement and techniques to focus on the areas for improvement.
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Supervising in a LEAN THINKING Environment
…And learning how to apply the new techniques.
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Education course structure.pdf
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The 12 Step Implementation process
The CTM book Chap 8.pdf
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ERP Voice over Brief.pptx
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