….. Getting the whole organization engaged!!


To implement CTM and LEAN concepts requires a 3 TIER approach to mobilize the organization to change in an effective and sustainable manner at all levels in the organization.


The 3 TIER Approach. Is explained in the positional paper.


3 tier positional paper.pdf
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This 3 TIER Approach is necessary to ensure that the 3rd TIER (Operating Practice Changes) is aligned with a CTM and LEAN approach.


The 3 Tier approach integrates the change efforts of all the different levels of management and team members and encourages direct supervision and team members at all levels to seek out waste in all forms and eliminate it. 


The Workshop …Supervising in a LEAN THINKING and TIME-BASED environment .. is used to drive the 3rd Tier Operating practice change efforts.


Supervising in a LEAN environment WORKSH[...]
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This experiential Workshop is focused on first line supervisors and operating managers and will show how organizations must change faster than their competition to survive economic pressures, but this will demand they improve their own business environment and operating practices and that the supervisors role must also change!


Organizations will need to respond to the requirements of LEAN thinking and Time-Based Business Strategies and this will demand a more participative management approach and force new skills to be acquired by people who supervise (have control, corrective practice and influence on others) so that they demonstrate commitment and interest in the team approach to planning for change, decision making and problem solving. Also, that motivation skills utilized by the supervisor are participative and effective in this new environment.


This workshop will provide a brief introduction and raise the awareness for both LEAN THINKING and TIME-BASED driven initiatives and participants will be provided with a vision of the lean organization and gain experience of the paradigm-shifting tools and improvement processes needed to make the change in business practices.


The supervisory and leadership skills and tools required by those that supervise others will be outlined using an open forum approach so that the learning experience is driven by the gap that must be filled by the intent of the future business changes.


The workshop can be delivered in a modular format and can be customized to suit the specific organizations needs.