.... Productivity Improvement  via a structured ROADMAP


NEXUS provides a structured Roadmap for undertaking our services that can be tailored to all organizations to ensure solid results.



We coach the business leadership in the development of a vision of the future business structure, organization and systems using proven templates and benchmarking tools.


This process starts with our initial Quiz and Business Productivity Improvement Profile where we quickly define the opportunities and the specific ROADMAP we suggest be followed.


This includes a benchmark for the specific business against data for similar industries and a quantitative savings and improvements projection.


We will then define the FOCUS AREAS and initial Executive Education Workshop that should be undertaken.


The workshop will generate an understanding of the power of Cycle Time Management and LEAN principles in any business which is still the most powerful combination of strategies to attack waste, improve productivity, and gain overall business performance improvements that will lead to increased profits.



We will coach the participants on these paradigm shifting tools and using a simulation exercise show how the organization and its processes can move from the current baseline of performance and start the journey to its entitlement and then benchmark for its industry. Nexus will assist and coach in this process to develop a strong vision statement that will motivate the whole organization to realize these goals.



After this visioning process the management team will be asked to deliberate on the Implementation Approach which may be a formal Evolution plan process using ether our 12 Step process, or for smaller organizations the 6 Step version.


Or the roadmap may be more to focus on certain Focused Projects for improvement.


The Implementation and associated Education and facilitation support may be administered directly by the NEXUS IMPLEMENTATION AND TOOLKIT Process using the NEXUS team


via our TOPGUN program that offers a train the trainer approach using your own internal coordinator or change agents so they can more directly lead the improvement efforts, or some combination of both.


NEXUS  will provide a detailed specification for the chosen Roadmap and define the Productivity Improvement Programs needed so that specific education and training support and any specialized coaching is defined. We will Ensure that the EVOLUTION PLANNING process is supported with nthe correct education and knowledge so that all memebers of the business team can understand the Vision and participate in the journey to excellence.